Welcome...I'm Debra Battistella

I help physical medicine OT's deliver high quality interventions so they can practice with excellence & pride

Like you, I LOVE OT. Like you, I know what it feels like to experience burnout...unrealistic productivity demands and more make it hard to be your best.

It's exhausting. By the time you give your all to clients, there's nothing left over for you...let alone professional growth & development.

You're a good OT, always looking for effective ways to help.

Not having time to learn the most up-to-date interventions isn't your fault.


Creative Concepts is on a mission to help OT Practitioners. Our philosophy is simple...To contribute for the good of all.

Everyone Benefits

  • Creative Concepts OT - We provide affordable products & services for clinicians.


  • Clinicians - Our goal is to help you have a sustainable & thriving practice!

  • MORE VALUE: Your practice value increases through added knowledge and skills that improve outcomes (best practice).

  • BETTER OUTCOMES: Your client outcomes improve as a result of your increased knowledge AND through supports provided by Creative Concepts. Programs that include written & video instruction support client success beyond clinic time with you.

Your options:

      • Give written & video supports to clients free of charge.

      • Offer written & video supports to clients for a fee. Promote client accountability while adding to your revenue stream.


  • Clients - feel better and achieve their goals. It is next to impossible to state the true value to clients. An ultimate win occurs when they feel better and return to living after working with YOU!

With this practice model, EVERYONE wins...the way life is meant to be!


We became occupational therapy practitioners to:

help others * be of value * be effective


We need each other

Creative Concepts LOVES helping practitioners thrive

We provide quality OT resources that support and inspire you to deliver evidence-based services effectively and with ease.

💕 💕 💕

You know how to be a good OT. Let us help you step into your greatness!

What We Offer

  • Professional Consultations and Student Mentorship

  • Ready-made interventions

  • Documentation ShortCuts

  • Independent learning modules

  • Free & Paid Resources

Everything is designed with busy practitioners in mind.

Everything is for adult practice.

Add variety to your practice while building skills that boost competence and confidence!

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The NOGGINS AND NEURONS PODCAST is all about stroke and TBI recovery. We talk about this topic in ways that everyone benefits - survivors, caregivers, clinicians and students.