The mission of Creative Concepts in Occupational Therapy PLLC is to provide quality OT resources that support and inspire physical and rehab medicine OT’s to provide evidence-based services effectively and with ease.


Hi! I'm Debra Battistella, occupational therapist and originator of Creative Concepts in Occupational Therapy PLLC. I love people and all things OT! 

As a seasoned therapist with 20 years working in physical and rehab medicine as a COTA and OTR, for many years I knew I wanted to do more. It's time. Changes in healthcare seem to be happening faster and faster. I watch practitioners struggle to be and do their best NOT because they aren't capable...Rather, it's because the system isn't designed for supportive practice that fosters personal and professional growth.

I also teach and coordinate fieldwork in an OTA program. How fortunate am I?!! VERY!! I know how good I have it 😍


These two aspects of my amazing OT career led me here...This website is all about occupational therapy. More specifically, supporting OT practitioners who work in physical and rehab medicine. Yes, I said physical medicine. More and more OT's are moving into community based practices, working with individuals at the habilitation and maintenance levels. This incorporates OT skills traditionally thought of as falling under the rehabilitative umbrella. The term physical medicine sounds and feels more inclusive. I like it and think we should own it!

It's time to expand our thinking and understanding around all we can do as OT practitioners. Some ideas I bring may be different from that which you're used to. That's OK! Let's keep our minds and hearts open so we can easily move into greater growth...Individually as OT service providers and collectively as a profession. 

I'm glad you're here!