Are you a rehab medicine OT Practitioner? Are you an OT or OTA student?

Do you work with stroke or brain injury survivors? Are you tired of using interventions that don't work? 

Have you heard about mirror therapy but aren't sure how to use it? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions... 

this presentation is for you!

OT & MIRROR THERAPY: An Effective Intervention for Impaired Arm Function Following Stroke will help you:

  • Link brain anatomy to function
  • Summarize scientific evidence supporting the use of mirror therapy to improve impaired arm function in stroke survivors
  • Identify at least one (1) benefit of using mirror therapy as it relates to:
    • OT practice
    • Client outcomes
    • Profession of OT
  • Create a mirror therapy protocol for clinical use 


$55 USD

Grab your paper and pen and start taking notes!

I'm ready to start using MIRROR THERAPY in my practice...This presentation is for me!

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